Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Is It True That Food Stamp Recipients Give Better Respect to the Rich

At some point in our lives, we all face financial strife, whether it is being able to maintain a lavish lifestyle or even just being able to put food on the table for a family of three.  Each person struggles in their own way to be able to live day to day, even paycheck to paycheck.  I personally know this struggle by being the eldest daughter living in a home led by a single mother, raising me and my younger brother for fifteen years solely by herself.  Being a paralegal for over twenty years and moving back to central Florida was by far our biggest challenge.  Even with all the experience had, finding a job in a small town was anything but possible.  Even having nothing, my mother has always held a certain amount of pride.  But when a friend told her about the process of Food Stamps, she had to relent and apply due to lack of resources.  It changed our life, just being able to get a little bit of money a month to afford groceries.  Government benefit programs such as Food Stamps and Medicaid are important resources for helping people with financial difficulties because when one can hardly pay bills for necessities, having some assistance to fall back on is a burden lifted. 
While my family might be used as an example for a success story, Food Stamps are not necessarily easy to obtain.  While a single mother might be able to hold a job, that specific job could only be paying minimum wage.  This is not enough to pay the bills, and if it is, the bills are paid first and food usually falls last.  Food being last on the priority list, in most occurrences, leads to stopping by the nearest fast food chain for a couple of dollar menu items, therefore raising the obesity rates in the U.S. But that is a separate issue.  Jobs that pay minimum wage will oftentimes qualify as making “too much money” by government standards, which denies the benefit of food stamps.  Some ways to combat this scenario would be to base food stamp eligibility on amount of hours worked per week, rather than amount made each hour. 
On the other side of the argument, many working class Americans argue that too many people abuse the system.  It has been reported that some may qualify for food stamps, and then go on to sell them for cash instead of using them to their false “benefit”. This deters people actually in need of government assistance from receiving the help they need to feed their families. A solution might be to drug test applicants for Food Stamps, to ensure that addiction might not be a factor in how badly assistance is needed.  Of course it is always hard to pinpoint fraudulent behavior, but if our government is more aware of patterns of drug arrests as correlated to people receiving some form of welfare, the system might become more beneficial and concise to everyone involved.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Medicaid for Youth and Adults

The Government offers benefit programs to help families with low income or no income. There are also programs to help people in their old age, the innocent in the family if the main earner is incarcerated for illegal activities, and gives some people health insurance.

The lifeline assistance program is a necessity of communication. It can help people in need or injured with contacting emergency services. Families and friends are able to keep in contact through it.  The lifeline assistance program gives people a contact number for an employment offices and job contacts. It gives people contact with support groups also. One thing to be done that could make the lifeline assistance program better is internet access. Employers have moved forward technologically. Applicants and resumes are now accepted online from most employees. Having access to the internet will give them a better chance of getting and holding employment. Most job applications are now online and having that internet access could give them a better chance at getting a job.

Food Stamps are also for low income and no income families. It allows the household a chance to pay for bills such as, rent, power, medicine, etc. With having food stamps it helps cover the food bill. Missing meals are one the most unhealthy things people can do; people miss fewer meals while on food stamps. Food stamps come in handy in the case of an emergency, like a family member lost their job, someone in the household could get ill or possibly die.

The importance of these resources are huge, they help people live a better and healthier lifestyle. There are very few ways for them to be changed or improved. Lately there has been an attack on these systems. Attaching the word “entitlement”, like it is something people are trying to be eligible for.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Find Easy Cash Assistance from the Government

Poor people! They are living in bad circumstances because of their own mistakes. They are in these horrible situations because they didn’t work hard in school or simply because they are lazy. This is one of the common stereotypes we hold for people living in destitute, but this is wrong. We don’t know anyone’s life story, and therefore, we can’t judge them. For all we know, the “poor” person might have been laid off. He or she could have worked hard all life and just not have gotten a job because of not being able to afford college. Although we can take loans, one might not be able to go to college because he/she might have to support their family at the moment without any distractions. Our nation, the United States of America, understands this and aids those in need by providing them with benefit programs such as Lifeline Assistance Program, Food Stamps (or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and Medicaid. 

Food Stamps are actually cards that have money in them for people to buy food with. This is good for people in need. This money is usually taken from the taxes of upper-class people and then divided among the lower class citizens to fulfill their necessities. This program, SNAP, is great and distributes money accordingly to the number of residents in the household and how much they need. Still, everything can be ameliorated in at least one way and so can the Food Stamps program. There aren’t many places that don’t accept Food Stamps but there are some stores that don’t and this could be a serious problem for a family that lives in an area where this kind of grocery store is the only one available. The U.S. Government can enforce that everyone must accept Food Stamps.  

Medicaid is health insurance for impecunious people. It gives them abet in paying their medical bills. As a result, citizens of the USA don’t have to worry about spending money on what they might believe to be superfluous, but they will also have insurance in case they do end up getting sick. Medicaid can be improved by covering orphans that are adults. They are only covered if they are pregnant. I feel that if a student is living under his or her parents and all of a sudden their parents pass away they should qualify for Medicaid, at least until they graduate and get an occupation. 

The Lifeline Assistance Program provides a large discount for low-income consumers on phone services. This remains intact since 1985 and has been formulated because the government wants to make sure that all U.S. citizens have the same opportunities and security brought by phones, including keeping in touch with your job, family, and being aware of emergencies. Recently, these discounts have been applied to pre-paid cell phones, as well. This helps many people in being safe and not feeling inferior because of their lack of a phone. I have mentioned the inferior feeling because of my own experience. I didn’t get a cell phone until last year, my junior year of high school, and felt less than others because of it. The Lifeline Assistance Program is pretty solid and I can’t really find any mistakes in it. I guess it can be better by including Internet in the package, too, because our generation breathes Internet instead of oxygen. 
Many citizens of America, if not most, don’t make a plethora of money. A lot of people barely make anything past minimum wage and with this money they have to support their families, pay rent or mortgage, and pay for their education. How will they get the money they need for food and health insurance? What about keeping touch with their family members, with phones? This is where the beneficial programs of the federal government come in. They make all the difference in improving our lives one by one.